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"It is worth it to become better than we are."

Ericksonian Hypnosis

Ericksonian hypnosis is an altered-state of consciousness, or alternative state, which works with the unconscious mind through stories, tales and imagination. The unconscious accomodates and heals, in a healthy way, whatever you have to digest inside of you. This is not the traditional type of hypnosis or deep trance-like state as commonly understood. This is a zero loss of consciousness method. It is the work of the unconscious mind. It is a healthy accommodation and integration of our physiology, emotions, energy flow, mental, and spiritual states, because each patient already has the tools required to heal and improve safely.

Ericksonian hypnosis is effective, fast, noble and non-aggressive. According to Milton H. Erickson, "Therapy need not be an element of suffering for the patient."

Thus, we can achieve everything we need through Ericksonian psychotherapy.


"... And my voice will go with you everywhere, and become the voice of your parents, your teachers, your classmates, the sound of birds, rain, river and wind..."

Milton H. Erickson was born in 1901 in Aurum, Nevada. He, hiis seven sisters and one brother grew up in Lowell, Wisconsin, in a modest farming family. He intended to become a farmer like his father. He was a late developer and was both dyslexic and color blind. At age 17, he contracted polio and was so severely paralysed that the doctors believed he would die. Recovering, still almost entirely lame in bed, and unable to speak, he became strongly aware of the significance of non-verbal communication - body language, tone of voice and the way that these non-verbal expressions often directly contradicted the verbal ones.

His biography is fascinating and well worth the read: